Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quick thought...

One of the children's shows I watch in the morning as I'm getting ready for work is called "You Gotta Quintet" (I know) and features puppets playing classical instruments and singing songs. Today, one of the puppets covered Sinatra's "My Way," in Japanese. But since "doing it [one's] way" is totally not how things work here, and since I still don't really speak Japanese, I was left to wonder how the puppet version of the song might translate...

"I did it in a way that would preserve group harmony"? "I did my best to fulfill the goals we have collectively decided upon"? Or simply, as Jonathan suggested, "I did it our way"?

Another pop culture-y thing I wonder about is J-horror films, which allegedly are uber-scary. But I can't imagine Japanese ghosts are all that vicious... like, there's no way they lose their intricate system of courtesy and respect for others just because they died. I imagine a Japanese ghost wandering into a room, startling a living human, and responding with a bow and a "SUUUUMIIIIMAAAAASEEEEEENNN..."

Hence I'm not too concerned about hauntings in my apartment, even though it's super old and creaky. American ghosts--now those are something to worry about.


  1. Strange this . . . I've never read a ghost story and am currently reading two at the same time. And now this blog entry. What does it all mean?

  2. Maybe you'll experience some paranormal phenomena soon. A psychic once told my former roommate that our apartment was haunted by her dead dog. Sadly we never saw a ghost-dog.

  3. J-horrors tend to be more mind-fuck psychological thrillers than buckets of blood violence. Much scarier that way IMO. Please let's watching some together!

  4. Yes let's having the shit scared out of us! Then we can text each other poop emoji.