Thursday, November 12, 2009

Favorite quotes so far

OK, I must introduce this with the disclaimer that I am NOT making fun of my students. I think learning a language is incredibly hard, and I understand how nerve-wracking it is for them to be tortured with English questions by me. I just find their English to be often really endearing, and sometimes, kind of poetic. So here are some of my favorite quotes from students so far--I post this not so we can all be like HAHA WHAT MORONS but more so that you can see how cute and funny my daily life here can be.

"Thank you for your every ESS action." --A note from one of the students in ESS (English speaking society), the club I run two days a week.

"I want to make love." --A girl from my cleaning group

Me: "What did you do last week?"
Student: "Yes, I what."

"What do you like Japanese food?" --I've been asked this by multiple students AND teachers, with this specific sentence structure

Me: "Americans think Japanese, Chinese, and Korean people all look the same..."
Japanese student: "Ahhh! Stereotype!"

"I would like to visit Kyoto. I hear the area is abundant in natural resources." --This is funny because of its flawlessness

"First, I sleep all the morning, awake after, I lay motionless on the floor for thirty minutes." --From an answer to test question, If you were given a one-week holiday, what would you do?

"Club activities enable students to have joy." --Answer to question about why clubs are necessary to school life

Me: "How was your holiday?"

Student: "It was enjoy." 

And the winner...
"If I could use magic, I want to eat jewel meet. This meet is the best meet of the world's meet. This meet contains various energy that we need to grow healthy. But we cannot get this meet because this meet is fancy." --Answer to test question, If you could use magic, what would you do? I have no idea what jewel meat is.